CH 495 (new prefix coming in 2023)

Chemistry of Life

A New Course at the Chemistry:Biology Interface

How does one develop a drug that targets a specific disease? What is the chemistry underlying the central dogma? How do scientists probe living systems with chemical tools? How does biology utilize chemistry? If you have asked these questions, you should enroll in CH 495, a new interdisciplinary course designed to create a bridge between the chemical sciences and the life sciences/biotechnology and engage students in a ‘molecular mindset’ when solving problems. The first half of the course will dig into the organic chemistry and chemical biology of the central dogma, with the second half of the course being problem-focused on how chemical tools can probe, manipulate and treat biological systems and disease. This course complements other course offerings on campus including biochemistry, biology and biotechnology.

Course Meetings and Prereqs (Fall 2022 and Fall 2023)

Tuesday/Thursday, 10:15 to 11:30 AM; Prereq: (CH 223 or CH 227); BIO 183 (recommended)

Course Syllabus

For course enrollment info: Jeremiah Feducia; For course content info: Audrey Fikes