Calling all mass-spec focused analytical chemists - our state of the art @NCSU_METRIC facility has multiple positions open at the BS and MS levels and coming soon for PhDs. A great opportunity to join a thriving team of analytical scientists @NCState!

In a new paper, Dr. Albert J. Keung of @NCState develops a #yeast surface display approach to map the #histone residue specificities and crosstalk of the #histone #acetyltransferase p300

CMI at @NCState received two training grant awards from the National Institutes of Health @NIH. One of the #awards supports the Chemistry of Life Program
@NCStateCLP. #ncstatechem
@NCStateSciences @NCStateChemGSA @NCStateProvost

NC State’s Comparative Medicine Institute recently received two notices of award from the National Institutes of Health. via @NCStateProvost

Excited to share collaborative work by Kyle Tomek @tomekkyl, @jamesmtuck and Kevin Volkel, implementing a "File Preview" function in a DNA-storage system.

Thrilled to announce our @NIGMS Chemistry-Biology Interface T32 in the Chemistry of Life! We’ll recruit five students each year for a 2 year program (cohort of 10) and students will engage in an innovate curriculum and interdisciplinary thesis projects:

Congrats Laney Kimble! Selected for a prestigious Beckman Scholars undergrad research fellowship. She will work with @NCStateChem's @SombersLab and @NCStateBioSci's Meitzen Lab through @NCStateCLP and @NCStateCMI to study glutamate and dopamine signaling in striatum. go team!

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