CLP Research Focus

Faculty within the CMI across four colleges at NC State are using molecular approaches to tackle some of the largest issues facing humanity.  From drug discovery and synthetic biology to novel biomaterials and molecular characterization, faculty are working together to make a meaningful impact across our State of North Carolina, Country and World.  The Chemistry of Life Program is designed to fuel the already robust research activities while training the next generation of scientific leaders and represents a molecular-focused subset of research within the CMI — from molecules to translational animal and plant science.  The following are the focus areas that CLP will focus our research and training programs on, and these areas complement or are synergistic with programs that make up the broader CMI.


The Chemistry of Life Program is collaborative with a number of other interdisciplinary research programs on campus, leveraging training and coursework as well as infrastructure.  CLP is part of the broader Comparative Medicine Institute and has key partners including the Biotechnology Program, the Genetics and Genomics Initiative, the Global Health Program, METRIC, and the Office of Research Commercialization.